When we look at any type of object with the intention of actually looking at it, seeing it, we end up taking notice of it’s details. We look at shape, colour, weight, forms, perspectives and nuances; we look at it as a whole, and as nothing. We are able to play the mental game of placing it in a context or background, or not. And while doing this we end up categorizing this object that we are looking at. We give it a group, a theme, a topic, a family, a name, an identity. 

Human bodies fall within the human category; living beings, homo sapiens species. Covered in skin with very similar structures, habits, needs or functionalities but our identity, especially nowadays, can vary so much. So where is the line, the point where we can look at ourselves, our bodies as objects? Where does the social stigma stop? The recognition or empathy finish? Or is even that possible?