Art Residency Co-Net

This was a work developed during and for CO-NET Art Residency integrated in Imaginaria Castellon Photography Festival, Oropesa del Mar, Spain – Apr. 2018.

The inspiration  for this Art Residency was to work on and within a city that was built for tourism. At the time it was very evident how the city would be brought to life during the summer, and would almost become a ghost town in winter. During the winter months, all commerce was practically closed, encountering locals proved difficult, in the city center at least. 

At the time my work was very focused on skin and this was quite an important time to shift to the actual concept of skin. Facing a place with such an absence of identity outside of high tourism season, you could see the effort placed on the city’s “skin” to work on those notes of identity. With this in mind I developed a few installations using polaroids in the most abandoned places of the city, transporting these details and notions of skin and identity, from place to place, and studying how they would fit in.

Photography Installation
Polaroid Instax 300 colour

Oropesa del Mar,