Any type of approach and analysis from an artist (or individual) to a theme is a challenge; it can be problematic but simultaneously a way of reasoning and a creative process. It is necessary for the artist to step back from their work to have a better reading and understanding, to see their potential, and most of all, understand the maturity and autonomy of the project. There is an importance to look at it as if it was the first time seeing it and learn with it; be guided by it.

I research about research. I research about thinking. I research about the process of processing.

Visual artist currently based in Lisbon, Portugal


Jan. 2015 / Jan. 2016 – MA Art & Process, Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, Ireland
Jan. 2014 / Jun. 2014 –  Erasmus within fine arts and photography faculty, Southampton, England
2010 / 2014 – Drawing Degree from Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
2009 / 2010 – First year of Audiovisual and Multimedia degree, ESCS, Lisbon, Portugal

Exhibitions and Residencies:

Oct.2022 – “KulttuuriKauppila” Art Residency, Ii, Oulu, Finland
Apr. / May. 2022  –
Digital Residency with Garden Collective – Sowing Seeds
Dec. 2021 –  Collective Exhibition 12X12 – 11º Edition – Special Edition 20X20, Lisbon, Portugal
Mar. 2021 – Part of the Collective Exhibition “Project Cairn”, Sacramento, USA
Oct. 2020 –
Workshop “Analog Illustration”, as part of the degree Illustration and Animation of CSARTS – Cascais School of Arts & Design, Estoril, Portugal
Dec. 2019 – Photography and Installation exhibition as part of Garden Collective, Lisbon, Portugal
Apr. 2018 – “CO-NETArt residency – integrated in Imaginaria Castellon Photography Festival, Oropesa Del Mar, Spain
Set. 2017 – Photography Exhibition for Garden Collective, Cork, Ireland
Apr. 2016 – “Polaroid Wall” Open Studio in Sample Studios, Cork, Ireland
Nov. 2015 – “What Happens When Nothing Else Does” – Group Exhibition, part of the MA Art & Process, Cork, Ireland
May. 2014 -­​ 2nd year final photography exhibition, digital and analog, Solent – Southampton University, Southampton, England
Nov. 2013/Jan. 2014​ -­ “22” – Group Exhibition, Vaag Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2013 -­​ “GABA 2013” – Group Exhibition for Galerias Abertas da Faculdade de Belas Artes
2010 – Present – Freelance work with photography and Illustration

Collaborations and other projects:

Nov. / Dec. 2021 – Commision with Muti Collective in partnership with Rita Isaac
Jan. 2018
– Present – Textile side project NeebytheSea
Sep. 2018 – Fev. 2019 – Curation for the Garden events, Garden Collective
Oct. 2017 – Design (posters and flyers) for the book launch of  “O que a minha caneta escreveu” by Manuel Machado
Sep. 2017 – Photojournalistic report of Motelx – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Terror de Lisboa, for the Atlas Lisboa platform – https://www.atlaslisboa.com/motelx-review-2018/
Jul. 2017 – Book design for “Kamov – Negócios do fogo” by Margarida Bon de Sousa
May. 2017 – Series of 6 anatomical paintings – commissioned for “Dentista de família” clinic- Lisbon, Portugal
Sep. 2016/Oct. 2016 – Chromatic reintegration of “Azulejos” Tiles with Hextal, part of Jardim Botânico do Palácio Nacional de Queluz recuperation, for Crere – Museu do Estuque company
Feb. 2016 – Video work for orçamento Participativo (participatory budget) for Magno Sitius 21 company
Nov. 2013/Apr. 2015 – ­​Photojournalistic correspondent for Epicur Magazine
2010 – Photojournalistic correspondent for Super Interessante Magazine