I’ve just published a work that I did on an Artistic Residency in October 2022.

The name of the residency was KulttuuriKauppila which is the name of the Art Center where we were based in Ii, Oulu, Finland. This residency was one of my most cherished experiences so far. I did it with one of my best friends and my partner in crime for most of my art projects, for both being a model and also helping me think and debate my ideas. 

During this residency, I developed two bodies of work: A photographic one and an installation/mixed media one. It took me a year to let the photographic work to see the light of the day. Here are some words I had on my notes throughout this year:

What’s the space we occupy? And how do we occupy it?
Is my sense of space the same as yours? Do I look as big as I feel? Because, right now, I’m aware of the space I occupy but my mind… My mind dilutes… Drips to the floor and infiltrates the walls, the chairs, the vases, the air…
Where do I fit in space? Where do I belong in space?

Does movement count as space? Or, better, does movement occupy space? When I move my arm, does the range of the movement become my own space?

The details of uncomfortable positions of the body keep popping up in my work.
The unnatural placement of this object [body] against the furniture.
The attempt of the fluidity of the body in space…..
Does any of this make sense? Am I making sense right now?
Does the body make sense right now?

Looking back on this work brings me back to the question “What do we occupy in space”.I still don’t know how to reply to this. I think some pictures illustrate my idea, but not my why…
Although they do feel finished. They feel part of my process…

Is it ok to lay down on a kitchen counter? Is it ok to mimic a blanket?
This is how my mind feels. I’m naked in a room and I shouldn’t be afraid of my exposure to myself. Are you? Are you afraid of my exposure? Am I afraid of my exposure to myself?
It’s my mind, it’s my body, it’s my object.

I don’t know if this could make any sense to anyone, but thinking of process through these pictures was a process in itself. I should let them breathe. I will let them breathe now.

You can check this work here:

KulttuuriKauppila Art Residency 2022

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