It’s quite tough to write a first text.

I think I’ve been putting this off for over a year now. I keep thinking “What could a good first text be?”
That exhibition that I went to see?
That was 7 months ago.
That movie that really talked to me in its technicality?
That was December… Last year or two years ago…?
The new watercolor technique I’ve been trying?
How would I write a text about that?

I don’t know if this could be a good first text, but recently I decided to make some changes in
my artistic life (let’s call it that, I like to think that I still have one!).
After 7 years I decided to go back to education. Last time I was in school was to do my Master’s in Art and Process. It was a brilliant and difficult time mainly because I learned so much, but it also challenged me on so many levels. I think, at the time I didn’t understand how much it would help me structure and translate my way of thinking. The concept of process was always so important to me, but I couldn’t never put that into words, or images, and with time, I think I’ve been able to explain and show that a bit more. To me, the process of thinking and rationalizing is such a mystery in a way… Anyway, I’ve learned to rationalize through my work and to not to feel helpless when my vision doesn’t come to realization straight away. I’ve learned to enjoy that process, in a way that the process became the artwork itself. Mistakes are part of the process and sometimes they become paths.

Well, enough rumination on that. I came here to say that after my Master’s I was madly intrigued about Art Therapy, and the idea was to jump on that train after! But that train missed a few stops so the schedules got a bit confused, so here we are: hopping on the train 7 years later! I am now enrolled in a certificate called Principles of Art Therapy which will take me 7 months to complete and to help me decide if I would like to actually take on the Masters in Art Therapy.

As I write this text I just want to jump in and write about my first two sessions of the course. How overwhelming and exciting it was. How much I’ve learned straight away and how challenging I think it’s going to be (it already is quite challenging!). I also think maybe these thoughts should be a bit better curated. For whoever reads this, but also for myself.

You see, I write as I think or speak and sometimes (most of the time really) my thoughts aren’t very organized. The reason I’ve decided to start this blog is to help me organize information as well. Organize my research, be accountable for the same, and keep me on schedule to keep working. These past few years I’ve felt such a lack of art thinking in my life, except for the odd week or month when a residency or exhibition would come up. I really want to put in the effort and take advantage of the ride that is to be back in college. Especially since I’m studying something that it’s so close to home for me. 

So ya… That’s it…!


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